Nebraska Dairy Goat Association 

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NDGA Meetings

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The 2015 NDGA Annual Meeting took place during the Nebraska State Fair. The NDGA Meeting was held on August 29 at the Nebraska State Fair Dairy goat superintendent’s office.

Members present: Cole Meador, Rob and Amy Salistean, Marie Arthur, Bob Houghtaling, Katie and Abby Bunde, Rob and Donna Miller, Delaney and Susan Schmer, Dale and Marilyn Stertz, Michelle Holtzen, Becky Gardner (welcome new member!), Karla and Doug Riekeman and several additional members and family present. Guests: Jill Lindstrom

Meeting called to order by President Dale Stertz. Motion to approve minutes of February meeting by Bob Houghtaling, 2nd by Michelle Holtzen. Motion passed.

Sec/Treasurers report unavailable for meeting, will be posted in Caprizette and reviewed and approved next meeting. There was no 2016 Outstanding Youth chosen to present to the members.

 Old business

1.     Milking competition. Members discussed logistics of having a milking competition at Nebraska State Fair (NSF), possibly sponsored by NDGA if NSF is willing. If so, NDGA would make money from entry fees. After discussion it was decided that the proposal to bring forward to NSF would be for entries for milking competition to arrive Thursday with first milk out at 7:00pm (goats to arrive in plenty of time for check-in including tattoo and registration verification. Next milk out at 7:00am Friday. Competitors have to bring enough help to handle goats and milk out goats within posted time limit. 7:00pm Friday will be the first official competition milk out and final milk out will be Saturday morning at 7:00am. Milk out may have to be relocated so the show can start. Abby may have some flexibility with moving show time back a little on Saturday.  Both Karla Riekeman and Susan Schmer are certified testers. Bob Houghtaling made a motion to approve a milking competition at NSF (if agreed to by NSF) and Abby will present proposed milking competition to NSF manager. ? 2nd/motion passed.

New Business

1.     The NDGA-sponsored show at Lancaster event center was discussed. Abby presented cost estimate of just over $600 to sponsor the show. NDGA should be getting a check from Lancaster Event Center for $1210 for our entry fees. Show was deemed a success for the club financially. Motion by Abby to do another show next year. ? who seconded/motion passed. Susan Schmer agreed to be the show Chairperson again.

2.     Voting for new officers. The sec/treasurer only received one mail in vote. One vote cast for each current officer: Dale Stertz/President; Cole Meador/VP; Abby Bunde Sec/Treasurer. The floor was opened for nominations. Delaney Schmer accepted a nomination to run for President; Cole Meador accepted a nomination to run for Vice President; Amy Salistean accepted the nomination to run for Secretary/Treasurer. There were no other nominations. Voting was accepted by raised hands, all nominees were elected unanimously by members present.

NDGA President: Delaney Schmer of Aurora, NE

NDGA Vice President: Cole Meador or Lincoln, NE

NDGA Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Salistean of Lincoln, NE

 Abby Bunde informed members present there will be a slight delay in sec/treasurer changeover as the bank must have forms completed with signatures before Amy can take over check writing duties. Abby will meet personally with Amy in the next 3 weeks to do the changeover. Abby will purchase an inexpensive computer flash drive so that records can begin to be kept on computer and more easily passed to new officers. The treasurer’s report will now be in Excel format and Amy does have Excel on her computer at home. Minutes will also be able to be stored and archived on the flash drive. Receipts and NDGA show records can also now be easily saved/stored.

 3.     New President Delaney Schmer took over chair of the meeting and new officers were congratulated by all.

4.     National Show – The logistics of having a national show were discussed at length with the members. Guest Jill Lindstrom informed the club that Iowa would be making a presentation at this year’s ADGA Convention to have Nationals in Iowa in 2018. 2016 show is in Harrisburg, PA, 2017 show is rumored to be in Wisconsin. So Jill said Nebraska may want to consider 2019 since Iowa has a presentation ready for this year’s convention to ask for 2018. Abby announced new information that she has possibly found a great source of funding to have the National Show here: The Grand Island Visitors and Convention Bureau can help with up-front costs in the neighborhood of $15,000-$25,000 and maybe more. The need to payback the funds is also up in the air. The city realizes a great deal in tax monies and restaurant and motel income and the money may not need to be paid back. We are in a much better position than Iowa as far as the money is concerned but would need a large number of “warm bodies” to do a National Show here. Then there was a lengthy discussion regarding logistics of having a National show. Motion made and passed to have Abby Bunde and Susan Schmer meet with the GI Visitors and Convention Bureau to firm up what is needed to do a National Show in Grand Island.

5.     Next meeting: Will be in February at the Extension office. Cole Meador will reserve a date which will be posted in the Caprizette.

6.     Meeting adjourned at 6:11 pm.Respectfully submitted, Abby Bunde